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Located in Southwestern and Central Ohio, KAV Mental Health & Psychiatry treats patients from Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, and beyond for their mental health issues. Through our comprehensive range of counseling services and prescription medications, we help our patients understand their mental health struggles and find the most appropriate ways to treat them.

One such issue we treat with care here is schizophrenia, an often-misunderstood mental health disorder. We approach every patient presenting schizophrenia as an individual, and provide a personalized treatment plan to teach them the tools they need to think clearly and manage their symptoms. Read on for more information about schizophrenia and how KAV Mental Health & Psychiatry works to treat it.

What Is Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a mental health disorder characterized by difficulty interpreting reality as it is, whether due to hallucinations, delusions, or disorganized thoughts. They may also have issues with thinking clearly, communicating, and connecting with others. Though its symptoms are often played up for dramatic effect (or even laughs) in film and television, schizophrenia has very real and often difficult effects on people, and needs to be treated with care and compassion.

It’s a disorder that makes it difficult for people to see situations objectively, connect with others, and even communicate effectively. When left untreated, schizophrenia can put someone’s wellbeing and even life at risk due to their various difficulties interfacing with reality.

Types of Schizophrenia Symptoms

There are three primary sets of schizophrenia symptoms, and each category presents its own unique set of challenges for the affected person.

Psychotic / Positive Symptoms

Psychotic / Positive Symptoms

These symptoms are the ones most commonly associated with schizophrenia, are sometimes collectively called “psychosis,” and may be the easiest to identify:

  • Delusions (false beliefs that are difficult to dispel)
  • Hallucinations that seem very real to the person experiencing them
  • Voices coming from inside someone’s head, which can be cruel or violent in nature
Negative Symptoms

Negative Symptoms

These symptoms are similar to those of depression, and can make it difficult to accomplish things in a lot of ways. These obstacles may include:

  • A loss of drive or motivation
  • A lack of emotion about anything, even things they formerly had strong feelings for
  • An inability to perform basic tasks
Cognitive - Disorganized Symptoms

Cognitive / Disorganized Symptoms

Some of these symptoms might resemble disorders such as ADHD. They add to the confusion and inability to communicate that can make schizophrenia an isolating disorder. Examples include:

  • Difficulty focusing on a task
  • Struggling to process or communicate information
  • Finding it hard to plan, act, or control their body well (clumsiness)
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There’s no known single cause of schizophrenia, but there are a few potential risk factors.

  • Brain Makeup: issues with neurotransmitters, notably dopamine and glutamate, can interrupt communication signals in the brain and cause schizophrenia
  • Genetics: schizophrenia is up to six times more likely to develop if someone else in the family also has schizophrenia
  • Environment: research points to viruses or malnutrition during pregnancy, as well as autoimmune disorders, as factors in developing schizophrenia
woman suffering from schizophrenia

Long-Term Effects of Schizophrenia

If left untreated, schizophrenia will make it difficult to connect with others, live independently, and ultimately find fulfillment in life. The psychotic symptoms and decreased ability to function impair your ability to foster relationships or hold down a job, and in some cases, can push you toward self-harm.

Schizophrenia symptoms can sometimes come and go in waves, and that’s a large part of why it’s important to get a treatment plan and continue to work with a professional throughout your life. With the right help, you’ll be able to keep your symptoms in check, maintain a clearer sense of reality, and be able to function for yourself.

There’s a lot of hope for people with schizophrenia to live healthy, rewarding lives — it just takes consistent care and work.

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Schizophrenia Counseling & Therapy with KAV Mental Health & Psychiatry

At KAV Mental Health & Psychiatry, we are proud to staff highly trained and compassionate mental health doctors, counselors, and therapists. Collectively, our team works together to treat people with schizophrenia on a case-by-case basis, providing each patient with the individualized care they deserve. Through a comprehensive mental health treatment program that combines counseling and therapy with psychiatric care and prescription medication, you can work towards healthier ways of thinking and greater stability.

Treatment often starts with an antipsychotic prescription, and may be supplemented by antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications. Individual counseling will also play a key role in treatment, as you’ll learn skills to help you better understand social cues, learn what might trigger psychotic episodes (and reduce their severity), and how to handle the disorganized thoughts, strong emotions, and hallucinations that come with schizophrenia. We also offer group therapy sessions where you can make meaningful, judgment-free connections and contribute to each other’s support networks.

Our appointments are conducted online, through a safe and HIPAA-compliant video platform that gives you one-on-one attention from the comfort of your home. With appointments available six days a week and same-day scheduling options, it’s more convenient than ever to access care at KAV Mental Health & Psychiatry. We offer a highly adaptive way to get the treatment you need and keep you focused on living a happy, healthy life in reality.


“This place has been a blessing from day one. As a mother of 3, it’s not always the easiest to get away from the kiddos. I love the fact that I don’t have to leave my home to meet with my therapist. The online counseling aspect is really convenient and was honestly the only way for me to get the help I needed. I plan on continuing my monthly sessions because I keep seeing more growth and positive change in myself each time.”

– A.T.

“Depression controlled my life for a very long time, and up until a few months ago I was hopeless of that ever changing. KAV helped me find balance again. They helped me find peace. I rediscovered what being happy feels like. Though I still have bad days, I now have the tools and support systems to get me through them. I finally feel in control of my life again, and for that I am grateful.”

– J.C.

“I started feeling really anxious and depressed after the birth of my first child, which was when one of my close friends told me about KAV. My first visit with the doctor was great. She asked me a lot of questions, was super attentive, and gave me the time to talk through my issues. I could tell that she genuinely cared about trying to help me. We talked about different medication options and she suggested therapy. I was hesitant at first, but I’m really glad I said yes because my counselor has really helped me explore all this new anxiety. It changes every day with a baby, but I do feel like I’m in such a better place now, and so much more available for my daughter.”


“Pain pills took me down a really dark path for many years. I’ve been to rehab several times, but could never stay clean for long after I got out. I thank the doctors and counselors at KAV every day for helping me turn my life around. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve been sober for 14 months and have the belief in myself that it will stay that way. Most importantly, I can be the father and husband my family needs. Thank you KAV — you all truly saved my life!!!”

– J.K.

“Paying attention for long periods of time has been a struggle for as long as I can remember. It’s made things like school…relationships…holding down a job…etc pretty tough. Prior to coming here I’d heard of ADHD but never really looked into it…but after just a few visits my doctor and counselor helped me better understand it and get it under control. It’s been a really good experience so far…I only wish I would’ve pursued getting help like this sooner.”

– L.B.